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reverse video in Adobe Photoshop

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Create Loops
Create seamless loops of your video
Select & Mask
Easily mask the areas where you want motion
Trim Video
Quickly trim your video to create the motion you want to use for your moving picture
Reverse Motion
Easily reverse the motion of any of your loops
Color Grade
Add extra depth, color, and life by color grading
Export as an mp4 or gif so you can share it online

Awesome Features


Create living photos in Adobe Photoshop CC easily with KinemaPhoto

How does it work?


KinemaPhoto provides a unique workflow that allows you to take advantage of Photoshop’s abilities to edit video to create moving pictures — cinemagraphs, gifs, and other animations.


Workflow automation is very important to keep your working time efficient. No matter if you are a beginner or professional: Kinemaphoto helps everybody to create cinemagraphs faster and easier by turning many steps into a single click. Especially the 'Reverse Motion' function is incredibly helpful.

Lydia Dietsch, CEO, Gallereplay

Very nice. The interface is professional and clean, with a simple, workflow-driven process. All the buttons serve a purpose – no fluff.

Greg B

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